Monday, 28 May 2007

Pre-Conference Presentation: Museum Fun

Here, Tony Hall (NUI Galway) gives a presentation on some of his earlier work on making visits to museums a more interesting, interactive and exploratory experience. This was carried out as part of a major European project and Tony focuses on trials of a range of technologies placed in Limerick's Hunt Museum.

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Prof Stephen Heppell said...

That is really interesting. I had a lot of fun with a museum project "every object tells a story" where we had a taxi cab driving around England with a recording studio in the back (the "For Hire" sign lit up with "on air"!).

As we visited communities people would bring out their objects, capturing image and narrating them. The stories were remarkable (as were the objects!), but of course there was still opportunity for the curators to built "threads" of interpretation through this now "collection". See you all Friday