Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Design-Based Research EPSS

A link to a video collection on Design Based Research was just posted on the ITForum's mailing list by Thomas Reeves.
It points to a series of short interviews, conducted at AERA International Convention in 2006, put together by PhD students at the University of Georgia. The collection provides some specific insights from some notable researchers in the field of Design-based Research. It is a really useful resource to understand why this methodology is so helpful to those working towards understanding technology, and it's role in the learning process.

Sasha BarabWatch a sample interview from the collection, such as the interview with Dr. Sasha Barab, (pictured right) from Indiana University, where he explains how he started in traditional research and why he felt unsatisfied with what it provided. He talks about how he moved to Design Based Research as an alternative methodology to explore the role of the student, the technology, the teacher and the learning activity.

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