Thursday, 26 July 2007

Maybe we all need a good mash-up?

Now, leaving the mashed potato jokes aside- what I mean is to say is - how about a future of software mash-ups? According to Dion Hinchcliffe we are in for a bumper crop. What a great idea- and a possible solution to those wanting to take those useful features from VLEs, online repositories, e-Porfolios and social software tools... and mash them all up! Is this really possible?

If Dion's pretty diagram is anything to go by, it looks like such a stunningly great concept:

Dion's blog posting outlines 17 mash-up platforms which end-users could use for this purpose. He has lots more ideas for this user-created mash-ups on his own blog.

See also Stephen Downes and Wayne Hodgkins for more on this topic.


Iain said...

Interesting. If folk want a clear intro to the idea of mash-up then the discussion of QEDWiki from IBM does the job reasonably well.

andrew said...

Part of the problem is having the useful data available in a useable format. For example, Jon Udell has been battling his local police chief for crime data to mashup.

We might start locally even with decent resolution maps for the county on Google Maps/Earth etc.

At the end of the day, novel integration of data is rewarding but a primary challenge is also to teach the analysis skills for understanding it. The proof of the mash is in the eating ...