Tuesday, 17 July 2007

'Write Articles not Blog Postings' says Jakob Nielsen

Interesting article posted in the Guardian a couple of days ago:


Great to see the debate between the pro- and anti-Nielsen camps ongoing in the comments section below this article.


andrew said...

To give some context, Nielsen has been one of the chief gurus of web design for many years. His book 'Designing Web Usability' is a classic, and his 'Alertbox' newsletter sometimes has interesting comments.

His opinions are usually fairly sensible but also quite conservative. On top of this, he has a consultancy selling reports and seminars on subjects like corporation intranets and web newsletters. Hence he seems either totally obvious, a total luddite, or totally overblown and self-serving to many web people.

Opinion in the Guardian blog on the item against corporate blogging covers all of the above: It's pretty obvious that poorly thought out blog posts won't add much value. It's pretty reactionary to imply that blogs are unlikely to be useful at all. It's hokey intellectualisation to use a plot of variability in writing quality and lots of numbers lacking error estimates to argue that readers will be confused about your competence if you mix clever and stupid on your web pages.

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