Tuesday, 27 November 2007

BlogTalk 2008

BlogTalk 2008, the fifth international conference on Social Software, is to be held in Cork on 3-4 March 2008. The closing date for proposals is Friday 7th December, 2007. There are three submission categories: Academic, Developer and Practitioner.

John Breslin, from DERI in Galway, is one of the conference chairs and he talks about the conference on his blog.

From the conference website:

The international conference BlogTalk 2008 will bring together different groups of people using and advancing the Internet and its usage: technical and conceptual developers, researchers with interdisciplinary backgrounds, and practitioners alike. It is designed to initiate a dialog between users, developers, researchers and others who share, analyse and enjoy the benefits of social software. The focus is on social software as an expression of a culture that is based on the exchange of information, ideas and knowledge, and moreover we understand social software as a new way of relating people to people and to machines and vice versa. In the spirit of the free exchange of opinions, links and thoughts, we wish to engage a wide range of participants in this discourse.

Co-located with BlogTalk is the Social Network Portability Webcamp, which takes place on the day before the main event.

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