Sunday, 18 November 2007

Participants of the Installfest, Galway, 17th Nov 2007

Much is spoken about communities of practice and their importance in enabling us to develop and learn. However, frequently the term is misused and abused to describe groups of individuals who have no real community basis or desire to share knowledge. On the other end of the spectrum, there are genuine communities, such as the Galway Linux User Group (GLUG). Formed after the recent BarCamp meeting earlier this month, the group met again this Saturday morning, patiently showing newbies how to get to grips with various flavours of linux distributions. Armed with their laptops and desktop computers, more than 20 people gathered to test out various installations. I didn't get to meet everyone there, but a huge thanks goes to- Andrew, James, and Ina from Deri and Stephen from Applepie- for their help and organisation, and to the GLUG group as a whole. I'm particularly indebted to Toms who persevered against the odds in configuring my laptop to dual boot, with Ubuntu and Vista! It is mindblowing to see people give so freely of their time and expertise!

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