Friday, 30 November 2007

Prospectus Survey of Irish Higher Education

Sean Flynn from the Irish Times (29.11/07) reports that the Prospectus Survey of Irish Higher Education sample of 175 key figures at third level raises concerns that the absence of a national strategy for the sector is damaging its prospects in the face of increasing global competition.

In a surprise finding, some 60 per cent of those surveyed say the research carried out in Irish institutions is "not yet of a quality that compares well with the world's leading knowledge economies".

Those surveyed as part of the new report from Prospectus Consulting include heads of universities, research centres and Government departments. Some 86 per cent believe an overall national strategy for the sector needs to be developed, without delay.

Iain adds: perhaps not a complete surprise because there is likely to be no coincidence when 82% say there is insufficient money for research and insufficient money for teaching (see Andrew's comment)! In other words, they are saying to the survey team and their funders "if you want us to compete successfully you need to give us more money" !!


andrew said...

That's a bit "glass half full"

According to the summary report, 87% felt it is good value for money and 76% felt it compares well to international standards. Furthermore, 83% said that the system produces graduates with the relevant skills to meet Ireland's needs.

Unsurprisingly given that half of responents were from universities, this lack of quality is all the fault of money: 82% said there isn't enough research money, and the same percentage said we don't have the physical infrastructure in place.

You might also enjoy the 'fact' that 80% of respondents (and 92% of researchers) felt teaching and learning is underfunded :-)

Iain said...

or is that 'half empty'.

Also, what's this got to do with the theme of this blog? Learning technologies? perhaps should post this to our other (HE policy) blog???