Monday, 10 December 2007

IntraLibrary Repository Conference 2008

We've just received notice from Intrallect that the IntraLibrary Repository Conference 2008 will be held on the 21-22 February in Edinburgh. As the leaflet/poster puts it: "You don’t need to be an intraLibrary user to attend – come and see why so many people are intraLibrary users – but for intraLibrary users this is a great chance to see what others are doing with intraLibrary, to see what Intrallect is about to release, and to provide input into what you would like to see in intraLibrary." The company will also be using the event to launch version 3.0 of their product.

IntraLibrary is used within CELT, here in Galway, to manage multimedia assets and more widely in Ireland's National Digital Learning Repository (NDLR) project. In addition, it forms the core of the UK's national HE & FE repository: JORUM.

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