Friday, 18 April 2008

IT in the Humanities 5th Annual Conference

Next Monday (21st April) the final year undergraduate BA students who take IT as one of their subjects at NUI Galway are having their “conference”.

To explain … one of their modules concerns Information Technology in the Humanities. Each student self-selects a topic that they are interested in, and spends the year doing some research in the area. They produce a conference paper (in a specific format, with strict referencing enforced) which goes into a conference proceedings. They also have to give a 10 minute conference presentation on their topic.

I would certainly encourage, if you are available on Monday at all, to pop along to a session that interests you. Pat Byrne, who runs the module, would be delighted to have a wider audience, and it gives the students a huge boost to present in front of a wider group.

The schedule kicks off at 9.15am in IT125 and continues, with breaks for coffee and lunch, until 3.15pm. Topics include (5 plucked from a list of 25):

  • The application of Information Technologies to Sports Parachuting (Skydiving)
  • Are Video Games Art?
  • E-Learning: A Focus on Interactivity and the challenge of overcoming the lack of human interaction
  • Social Networking and its Effects
  • The Open Source Movement: Components of a Revolution

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