Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Learning Innovation Network (LIN) Conference - 10 October 2008

The Learning Innovation Network (LIN) held its first annual conference in Athlone on 10 October under the theme of 'Fostering Learning – A Student Centred Experience'. The LIN project is a 3-year SIF funded collaborative project between the 13 IoTs and DIT which aims to enhance the delivery and quality of core educational activities through common infrastructures and collaborative activities.

It was great to see large numbers in attendance from the IoT, university, industry and government sectors. A wide variety of interesting student-centred initiatives were showcased in the following stands: 'Innovation in Teaching and Learning'; 'Working Within a Modular Environment'; and 'Assessment Within a Modular Environment'.

Prof. Ray Land's morning keynote investigated threshold and troublesome knowledge concepts in the context of curriculum design; Dr. Richard Thorn addressed current economic concerns with regards to workforce education and lifelong learning under the banner 'Somebody Should, We Could, We Can'; while Prof. Sarah Moore gave an inspiring and interactive closing keynote 'Fresh Approaches to Learning in Third Level Settings' discussing the complexities inherent in the expert/novice relationship and calling for a 'less is more' approach to allow for student reflection and self-analysis of their learning contexts.

Keynote podcasts and parallel session presentations will be available shortly from the LIN website.

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