Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Online Educa 2008

Well, it's that time of year again when I realise that even that extra jumper isn't enought to stave off the Easterly wind that whips along Unter den Linden after sunset! 

Back in Berlin for what is now the 14th Online Educa conference and associated workshops and gatherings of research partners. The early morning start required to catch the first flight from Shannon is beginning to take its toll on an aged blogger like me, but still the impressive sights of Berlin are rejuvenating. This is the view from outside Humboldt University  in the square where the infamous book-burnings took place.

The delegates are beginning to sign in and the trade stands are being erected.  Little do they know that I'm stalking the corridors with my digital voice recorder in search of interviews for our podcast series.  This year I'm travelling lighter as technology continues to advance. I'm field-testing a Dell Mini 9 netbook instead of carrying my usual (already quite small) Sony Vaio. The keyboard is a bit bunched, especially for my right hand, but the build quality is pretty solid and the response, when not overloaded with things like Google Desktop, Audacity, Skype, Chrome and Picasa running at the same time (oops, got carried away) is actually pretty good. Thus far it is impressing for the price of only 349 Euros as a  laptop replacement.

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Bernie Goldbach said...

The Irish third level educators should try to hook up at these events and maybe connect by following hashtags on Twitter and Jaiku beforehand.