Thursday, 4 December 2008


At an interesting session on the use of video in HE where some nice examples were shown of the range of types of materials that people are now routinely using in their teaching. In one, humorous and clear presentation by Alex Stromm from Norway, we saw examples of where he produced short (3-5min) videos each week to tell the students what the key topics would be in the coming lectures and gave them a key question to find the answer for from their textbook in advance of the class.  They seemed popular. One weekend he forgot to do his usual recording and only remembered whilst out for a walk in the woods. So he  grabbed his mobile phone and recorded one there and then, albeit with his dog leaping around. Since then he has been producing them using whichever technology is to hand and they seem to be very effective at keeping student morale going as the weeks go by on the course. That, and encouraging them to do a bit of advanced reading was all he was aiming for and from his evaluations it seemed to do the trick. He also set up a system whereby the students could receive the videos on their mobile phone if they wished.  His more advanced versions included good, effective use of green-screen overlays.

I'll pop on the links later when I get sent them.  Other talks in the session were interesting too and the whole thing was masterfully chaired by Clive Young, a real expert and pioneer in video in universities .

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