Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Digital Cre8or Day - Part 2

As a follow-up/refresher, Tony Hall, Kevin Davison and Jim Lenaghan organised a 'Digital Cre8or Day' for Tuesday April 7th in the AiPLE Room, School of Education at NUI Galway. The theme of the day was 'Digital Storytelling', and offered an opportunity to revisit the skills of the December session in developing a digital narrative using video, animation etc.

Kevin gave an illuminating introduction, pointing to some international examples where the storytelling process has had a positive effect. Firstly, in New Zealand, within a project called Photovoice, it has been used to elicit stories of youth groups. Secondly, Kevin also discussed an example of the Canadian film, Atanarjuat, produced by a small community of now expert filmakers and actors in Inuktitut. These were just two of the numerous examples presented.

The School of Education at NUI Galway, also have a youtube channel set up with examples of their students work in developing multimedia narratives... One example is Fred's Volcano Adventure, but no doubt more will appear in this space soon.

The day's event enabled us to get stuck into i Can Animate, iMovie and Garageband to look at storyboarding, shooting and editing of short stop frame animations, with a view to considering it's adoption in educational contexts. Some of us in CELT had the opportunity to attend- many thanks for the invitation!

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