Tuesday, 19 January 2010

We think

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Sean M Kelly said...

"Excellent overview of what is happening in our new virtual human race,
our new virtual workplace, our new virtual reality!

So what are the strategies for earning a living in this new reality? That is strategies
that contribute to the betterment of humanity, not necessarily just another unnecessary
"innovation" that makes life more cluttered, confusing and claustraphobic?

I also ask the question - is the internet becoming one BIG PYRAMID with BIG Internet
companies at the top making BIG Internet Profits and sharing f..k all?
(e.g. amazon 4% commissions). And in the area of "internet gurus" who
claim to make millions and can teach everyone else to do the same while travelling
the world, as long as you pay them increasing amounts of money for their latest and greatest online
business program and who clap eachothers backs saying "arent we great fellas, and only the 'best' can be in our club" - All sounds like just another pyramid to me!

If you've any thoughts or want to share what "You Think", that would be great.
I'm certainly open to new thoughts."