Sunday 10 June 2012

Top Tweeters at #celt12

Using Martin Hawksey's twitter archiving google spreadsheet, we can now reveal the top tweeters at the 10th Galway Symposium: The Written Word - writing, publishing and communication in higher education.

The conversation is still continuing, using the #celt12 hashtag . So far, we have archived more than 1000 tweets from the event.

To see a visual representation of the archive, you can visit the Interactive Archive of #celt12 tweets (static image below). Click on any name to get a list of that person's tweets and interactions.

A full archive of tweets, though it's not particularly pretty, is also available.



Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon, this is great! Is there a link to the entire Twitter archive for #celt12? I'd like to track back to check a few things. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Thanks Catherine. I'm having a few problems trying to publish the entire archive. I do have an excel sheet which I can forward to you until I get it sorted.