Friday, 10 August 2012

Translation, Technology and Autonomy in Language Teaching and Learning

Congratulations to our team member, Labhaoise Ní Dhonnchadha, and her collaborators Pilar, Laura and Dorothy, on the publication of this collection of contributions on Translation, Technology and Autonomy in Language Teaching and Learning.The collection is based on a very successful conference that took place at NUI Galway in December 2010.

From the book synopsis:

This volume brings together contributions from academics, language teachers and practitioners from across Europe and beyond to discuss questions of autonomy and technology in the area of language learning and translation. The book focuses on English, French, Italian, Irish and Spanish language acquisition, but many of the essays also develop an interlinguistic perspective from a plurilingual point of view.
The book opens with key contributions from a number of leading scholars: Dr Daniel Cassany on critical literacies, Professor Henrik Gottlieb on translation into 'minor' languages, and Professor David Little on autonomy in language learning. These are followed by explorations of translation, technology, intercultural issues, autonomous learning and the European Language Portfolio. The volume represents an important contribution to the development of new plurilingual approaches to language teaching and learning.


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Offline Translator said...

Dear Sharon, Thanks for this page. Autonomy is an added feature to the World of Languages and technology is a change just getting itself converted at every moment. The world has truly become a small place where all interactions and communications have gone a better path to continue from dreams to reality…