Monday, 27 May 2013

#celt13 Instructions to the Twitter Team

This is based on the original post by @derekbruff who has kindly given his permission to re-blog.

Hello #celt13 twitter team (you know who you are) and thank you for agreeing to take part. We're looking forward to an active twitter stream at #celt13 again this year and you will play a big part in keeping the backchannel going. What does it mean to be on the #celt13 twitter team? Glad you asked....

  1. Take a few moments at several points during the day (during keynotes, during sessions, whenever) to share highlights of the conference.  What are you learning?  What useful resources are you hearing about?  (Include links when you can!)  What questions or answers are occurring to you as you  participate in the conference?
  2. Don't forget to use the hashtag! It's #celt13.
  3. You’re encouraged to tweet some photos of the conference if you have that ability. Having some photos in the Twitter steam makes the conference experience more concrete for folks not there.
  4. Feel free to be critical when appropriate, but please always be civil.  If one of the keynotes, for instance, turns out to be a big dud, let’s not have any harshtagging or tweckling.  (See
  5. Engage with other #celt13 Twitter participants: respond to question and add value when you can.
  6. Finally, if a conference participant new to Twitter starts asking you about Twitter, be ready to share your experiences. The conference is all about new skills, so demonstrate how Twitter can be a part of it.
#celt13 is the official hashtag of the 11th Galway Symposium, entitled Thinking Differently: New Curricula, New Skills in Higher Education.


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