Saturday, 19 May 2007

Conference Proceedings

Since our conference is about two things: (a) sharing knowledge and experience, and (b) technologies in practice and not just "in theory" then why not look at a new approach to publishing the conference proceedings?

A possibility that we'd like to explore here with colleagues, is that all those who have had a paper accepted, would be welcome to submit to us both a written up version of their paper and any pertinent powerpoint slides so that we could present both on the post-conference website. In addition, using a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike-Non Commercial licence, we could ensure the maximum dissemination of such papers. These contributions could also be submitted to the National Digital Learning Repository, under the same terms and conditions.

Finally, we would then be happy to collate and edit such contributions for submission to the "print on demand" service, enabling anyone to purchase a printed and bound hardcopy if they so wish.

The advantages of this approach are that there can be a rapid turnaround as well as maximum dissemination, whilst also doing our bit in building collegiality.

If you want to participate, please email us your completed papers (usual academic format with abstract, full references,etc.) at

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