Friday, 8 June 2007

Day 2

Day 2 it is, although admittedly by only a couple of minutes! Remember that this blog site will keep running after the conference. We'll be using it to link to the recordings of the keynote presentations and also to provide copies of PowerPoint slides from other sessions (where available). But, the important point is that its a blog with 'comments enabled' - so post away with questions, queries or points for discussion. An event like this can only really serve as a taster for some of the issues and that's what is so powerful about this technology; we can carry on the discussion, refine viewpoints and provide useful links. So go on, give it a try!

Links to topics mentioned in passing on day 1:


Niall Watts said...

Enjoyed the conference. Congrats to the team. Delegates seem unable to post only to contribute and that's a bit difficult with the Google/Blogger login requirement.

Niall Watts said...

Remembered my Google account details:-) There was synergy between the talks in the individual parallel sessions. They gave practical insights as well as providing networking opportunities, complenting the 'big picture' from the keynote speakers.

Iain said...

Thanks Niall. I fixed the google login thingie..just was default setting, should be ok now!