Friday, 22 June 2007

More keynote videos

We hope, next week, to be able to provide you with a wider range of choices for viewing the conference keynote presentations. Whilst the best quality is via the Camtasia/Flash versions, these do take a little while to get started as they need to download a fair amount of the content before they can start playing. For those who are really impatient and can't wait for the 20-30 seconds or so it takes to start (sometimes a wee bit longer if your connection bandwidth isn't great), then we'll also provide a 'streamed' version. The streamed versions are similar in layout to the iPod video files, in that the video is in a 'picture in picture' view.

Anyway, for those who want to see more now, try this from Michael Kerres:

Or this, from our local Director of Computer Services, Dr. Kieran Loftus:

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