Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Michael Orey's Wiki Book

Michael Orey, from the Department of Educational Psychology and Instructional Technology, University of Georgia has put together a rather different text book on educational theory and technologies. The book is entitled "Emerging Perspectives on Learning, Teaching, and Technology." Michael started this book in 2001 with a core group of doctoral students. The initial version included 12 chapters with no animations and very few images. Each semester, Michael asks his current students who are using this book as their required text in his class to improve on the book by either making animations, recorded presentations, graphics, editing, or various other contributions (there is no such thing as a completely free book!). It has been in HTML until May 2007 when they converted it to this Wiki.

It has expanded to include over 32 chapters, along with images, animations, videos, narrated presentations, and Powerpoint games as part of the text. Michael is working towards having this book included in the Global Text Project (http://globaltext.org/ ). He is currently inviting contributions to review any of the chapters. Editing of the chapters is controlled- you can only do this through the discussion pages, or by emailing him directly. I'm not sure why, as this does eliminate some of the wiki benefits, but presumably this is due to IP considerations? Still, it's nice to see such a collective initiative.

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