Friday, 28 March 2008

Miro's new campaign for support

I know we've mentioned Miro before a couple of times on this blog and at the risk of sounding like a persistent salesman, can I dare mention it again?? For those who don't know, it is an internet video player which is committed to open standards and is run by a non-profit organisation (the Participatory Culture Foundation) and its primary aim is to fight against the dominance of proprietary systems in this important area of media production and dissemination. A number of public service TV and internet channels have started their own branded versions of Miro and hence show their support, but disappointingly (and somewhat controversially in the UK) the BBC chose Microsoft standards instead.

Miro are currently campaigning for financial support by asking for donations as well as seeking volunteers to use their I ♥ Miro scheme for purchasing from Amazon whereby any purchases you make lead to a commission being paid to support Miro. It doesn't cost you anything and is the simplest way of showing your support - unless you wish to become a more generous benefactor!

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