Sunday, 16 March 2008

All you need to know in one click!

Ever wanted to have a simple way of gathering together the latest news, articles, podcasts and videos in your area of interest into one simply organised listing? Well, as we've mentioned before, netvibes provides such a facility for anyone to do this, but to make things even easier, especially if you are interested in educational technologies, higher education and 'big ideas' we've even produced a pre-built netvibes 'universe' for you. As we come across other interesting sources and feeds we'll add these to the collection, but even at the moment you should find what we've gathered to be useful. Remember, this is based on RSS feeds and so anytime a new journal article, news item or podcast is published by any of the organisations to which we link, this page will update itself - so you never need worry about losing track!!

The link to "CELT's Launchpad" is here, but we'll also add it to the side of this blog.

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