Monday, 21 April 2008

Conference - June 5/6 2008

As Spring has sprung, time now to think of those gloriously sunny days in early June when each year CELT/NUIG hosts its annual conference. Last year's event of course was the impetus for this very blog, but this year's theme is a little different in that we move away from specifics to more profound general questions on the nature and future of universities! With an excellent panel of speakers and workshop facilitators we really expect to host a fascinating debate and unleash some creative and challenging ideas as Universities make the transition into this new era, carving space in the cultural, political and economic landscape and recapturing (or losing) their transformative potential in the lives of students and citizens. To book your place (and do it quick to take advantage of the discount rate) head over to and to join in the pre-conference discussion visit our sister (gender?) blog at

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