Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Could your students go tech-free for a week?

Students at the University of Central Florida were challenged, as an assignment, to go tech-free for five days. The rules:

No cell phones, iPods, portable CD players, text messaging, e-mail, computers, TVs, DVDs, video games.

Their lecturer, Mary Ann Murdoch, who teaches English Composition, wanted them to consider "Are they really in charge of these devices, or are all these devices in charge of them?"

Out of 26 students, just 2 survived the challenge, with many giving into temptation after just one day. At least one student didn't even bother to try. Most of the students reported excruciating boredom and had to resort to sleeping, cleaning or doing homework!

1 comment:

andrew said...

Is TV really 'tech'?

Maybe a fairer test is: Could you go without tech which became mainstream in the Millennial/Y/Babies-on-board generation"?