Wednesday, 13 August 2008

NAIRTL funding award for!

Michelle Tooher of CELT, along her colleagues, Berit Carmesin & Doris Devilly of the German Department, have become successful recipients of the recent NAIRTL funding scheme. The scheme aims to support research studies related to teaching and learning. It received a huge number of applicants, making the selection process intensely competitive. The full list of worthy project winners has just been publically announced on the NAIRTL Website.

Their project is entitled "WikiLingua(.ie): research and idea exchange on the use of Web 2.0 in language teaching and learning".

In its own words:

"This project will support teachers with little or no experience of Web 2.0 and their more experienced colleagues. The project will encourage the use of applications such a blogs for reporting and expression, wikis for project work and discussion boards for constructive discussion in an effort to develop an element of peer review within the classroom. The project aims to build critical review skills in students that are necessary when pursuing research. The project will be aimed towards integration of innovative teaching practice in the disciplines of language and literature and should be easily transferable to teachers of other disciplines."

Congratulations! We'll be looking forward to hearing about their progress over the coming months...

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