Friday, 5 September 2008

chrome - slightly tarnished by licence debacle

Google's new chrome browser has been the subject of the geek-chat this week. At first glimpse it looks simple and clean in design, matching the general google philosophy. It seems quick to respond, but then I wonder to what extent browsers other than IE manage that partially by looking sleeker (digital placebo effect?). Must try some speed tests with Firefox, etc.

The most embarrassing issue on the launch appears to be an over-zealous part of the licence agreement (you know the stuff that you don't read before clicking "accept"?) that gave ownership of everything you do through the browser to Google! Apart from that sudden correction, things seem to be running smoothly and it will be interesting to see how things like google docs and the new video-communications packages integrate. Meanwhile it seems that Microsoft are effectively painting themselves as the champions of freedom with the new privacy features on the latest version of IE. Hard to work out who is supposed to be the 'evil empire' these days.....

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