Monday, 28 September 2015

Digital Storytelling at NUI Galway

 For the past six years, Bonnie Long, in the School of Education, has been pioneering a novel approach to encourage teachers to reflect on their professional practice, as part of their studies at NUI Galway. We caught up with her before the summer to ask her a little more about her approach of using digital storytelling as part of the formal curriculum.

The result is a three minute long interview with Bonnie, that explains in more detail. Watch it here:

Bonnie Long talks about digital storytelling in Higher Education


Craig Hoffmann said...

It is very obvious to me that this lady is aiding in redefining the reach of Teachers. By redefining, I mean refining approaches and honing skills. There's no reason to be "shown up" by the students here in the digital age. After all, a few short years ago we (the parents/guardians) were showing them how to master usage of eating utensils. Great job, Ms. Long!

Sharon Flynn said...

Thanks for the comment, Craig. Bonnie is doing some great work with our future teachers, not just in supporting deep reflection on practice, but also honing digital skills as well.

Bonnie Long said...

Hi Craig, thanks for the comment! By using creative technologies to enhance student teachers' reflection on practice, we also hope to enhance their technology self efficacy - their belief in their ability to use technology successfully. Studies have shown that when student teachers have positive experiences using technology for education in their initial teacher training, they are more likely to feel comfortable using technology in their classrooms in the future.